After a week in Las Vegas, the intrepid team at Spectralink has closed the book on another HIMSS conference, arguably our favorite event of the year. HIMSS is a phenomenal opportunity for us to connect with our customers and partners while sharing the latest Spectralink news and products with them. This year we were excited to roll out the newest addition to our portfolio of clinical smartphones – PIVOT:SC. Attendees raved about its slim form factor, integrated camera, and Android 5.1™ operating system update. They loved the fact that they could send high quality medical images using secure text messaging – essential in acute care environments.

We also enjoyed meeting with healthcare professionals to discuss their communications challenges and help them craft custom solutions. One doctor at our booth recounted seeing a nurse pull up a patient’s information using her personal smartphone – one that she had “customized” with a sequined case.

"How on earth can she sterilize that?" he asked.

Beats us.

And we couldn’t help but wonder what the patient was thinking when he saw the nurse pull out her sparkly smartphone. Was he worried that she was actually focused more on Facebook than his vital signs? And is his patient information really secure on her phone (personal device?)?

We get it. Faced with increased cost pressures and operating expenses, many healthcare organizations allow their staff to use their personal smartphones to communicate with each other and access patient information. Unfortunately they often realize the hard way that not all smartphones are created equal. Consumer smartphones can’t withstand the rigors of 24x7 use in a healthcare environment. And forget about trying to sterilize them with standard hospital cleaners – they simply fall apart (we shudder to think what would happen to all those sequins on the nurse’s case). Weak call quality, dropped calls and poor battery performance from consumer smartphones can also impact critical communications – possibly affecting patient outcomes.

If you’re suffering from consumer smartphone ailments, Spectralink has the cure. Our Android-based clinical smartphones are specifically designed to help healthcare providers optimize clinical workflows, improve patient satisfaction, and securely access protected health information in compliance with HIPAA mandates.

By Steve Stewart

Director of Marketing


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