We are honored to be supporting some of our Application, Integration, and Management Solutions (AIMS) partners in their upcoming events in the next few months. Connexall, Spōk, and Voalte are each hosting events with Spectralink as a sponsor:

  • Connexall’s WorldConnex event is in Sonoma, CA on October 19-22
  • The first Voalte User Experience, VUE15, will be held in Sarasota, FL on November 10-12
  • Spōk’s Connect15 event is in Nashville, TN on November 15-18

End-user events provide invaluable opportunities to speak with the people on the front lines of deploying, supporting, and using mobile solutions. Some are Spectralink customers, some are not, but all of them share a common goal of equipping their caregivers with the tools to make them more responsive to patients and more efficient with their time. Application partners such as Connexall, Spōk, and Voalte have created innovative solutions to improve patient care, and hearing firsthand from their users validates the significant impact they have.

Our goal at Spectralink is to enable users to realize the full potential and value of mobile applications by making sure the mobile device is up to the task. The weakest link in a mobile solution is often the end user device, particularly if it isn’t able to withstand the rigors of shared use in a 24x7 environment. I expect that some of the user experiences we’ll hear about at our partners’ events will identify challenges with the smartphone devices they use, particularly for the early adopters who had only consumer-grade devices as options.

We’ll be looking to gain valuable insights from the formal presentations and in conversations with end-users at these events. By listening to users to understand their experiences and needs, Spectralink can develop the best mobile devices for supporting our partners’ applications and, together with our partners, we can help our customers deliver the best patient care.

By Ben Guderian

Senior Director, Product Line Management


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