When Voalte started putting smartphones in hospitals seven years ago, the ability to send and receive text messages to coordinate patient care was a game-changer. Suddenly, caregivers could communicate quickly, see when their messages were received, and send urgent updates to an entire group or unit. And they could do so over a secure network on a secured device, without the compliance concerns inherent in using their own personal smartphones.

That was then.

Today, secure texting is being adopted as the communication method of choice at many hospitals. Meanwhile, Voalte customers are expanding beyond texting to combine numerous functions in one comprehensive communication solution. Earlier this month, we introduced Voalte Platform, the first complete solution created specifically to address the complexities of healthcare communication. Voalte Platform empowers caregivers with a multi-function end-point device, such as Spectralink’s clinical smartphone, PIVOT™, for voice calls, text messages, and alarm and alert notifications. It also enables advanced integrations with the EMR and access to critical information.

Unlike a basic text-messaging app, a complete healthcare communication platform can integrate with third-party systems to ensure that data doesn’t exist in a silo. Nurses at the point of care use a smartphone for quick access to patient information, such as medications and lab results, then use that same smartphone to communicate the information to other members of the care team. Desk-based workers such as unit coordinators and pharmacists can access the same information, and use a desktop application to exchange messages with mobile workers.

Also unlike a basic text-messaging app, a healthcare communication platform scales to accommodate change and growth. In addition to improving care team collaboration, a platform can:

  • Connect caregiver communication with a variety of alarming and alerting sources so caregivers receive notifications on the go.
  • Integrate with the EMR, barcode scanning and other emerging technologies.
  • Empower IT teams to manage, analyze and integrate mobile technologies throughout the healthcare environment.
  • Enable custom integrations using APIs and SDKs.

Today’s healthcare industry is in a state of constant change. To keep your communication system up-to-date, text messaging is just the beginning. For more details on how a healthcare communication platform can help address the complexities of mission-critical communication, see our latest white paper.

By Alex Brown

Director of Strategy


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