Yesterday we announced our plans to open a new EMEA sales headquarters in London. This is particularly exciting for me as I’ll be working directly with our EMEA sales team through the transition and getting more firsthand exposure to our global opportunities. Spectralink has had a global view since the first Wi-Fi products were launched in the late ‘90s. At that time, DECT technology was already entrenched in Europe and some Asian markets, and Wi-Fi was in its early stage as a globally-accepted wireless standard. Spectralink recognized the value of having both DECT and Wi-Fi product offerings as each had its own advantages, so Spectralink acquired Kirk Telecom, a market leader in DECT technology, to be the first company to offer both DECT and Wi-Fi solutions. In addition to DECT technology, teaming up with Kirk gave us a network of channel partners and strategic relationships that have continued to be an important part of our success. Our partners have deep and broad experience with wireless solutions that solve real problems for enterprise customers. They bring expertise and knowledge of wireless technologies along with market needs, and deliver value to our customers by integrating Spectralink wireless products with call control, network infrastructure, and applications. As we continue to enhance our product line, such as with the recently launched PIVOT:S smartphone, we open up new markets with new applications creating growth opportunities for our partners. Growing our business and growing our partners’ business is our objective, and opening our London sales headquarters positions us for that growth. I’m excited to be a part of Spectralink’s EMEA expansion and by the opportunities I see ahead of us with our partners and customers.

By Jay Andersen

VP, Global Sales


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    How exciting!

    Sep 17, 2015

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