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Patient Monitoring

Clinicians can stay close to their patients at all times with targeted alarms and alerts that communicate a patient’s needs/situation. These alerts can go to one clinician or a caregiver team and prioritized to ensure rapid response when needed, helping avoid alarm fatigue.

The patient monitoring applications that integrate with our solutions display:

  • Patient monitor waveforms for a virtual line of sight
  • Patient vital signs, even when clinicians are on the go
  • Large color displays readable in various lighting conditions

Alerts and AlarmsĀ 

Alert and Alarm Notification ties medical and software systems together to support the immediacy of urgent patient needs. From both the alert that care giver is needed by the patient for a particular service to life-threatening alarms that warn of immediate danger, Spectralink’s solutions in combination with our application partners, help save lives through real-time information exchange.

  • Connects to patient monitors, pumps, nurse call, etc.
  • Events are sent to clinician’s mobile devices for immediate action.

Our AIMS Partners who offer Alert/Alarm Notification applications include:

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